TIME2020 Statement of Privacy Policy

(I) Introduction:

We believe your privacy is very important. Therefore, since we will use your personal information within the scope of our services, we will introduce our basic principles for the protection and performance of your privacy.

(II) Types of information that we will collect:

In providing services, we will collect and use your information listed below:

01.Account Information:

When you use TIME2020, we will ask you to provide your name, email and mobile phone number. We will send you messages through email or mobile phone in order to detect and prevent unauthorized use and fraudulent use or abuse of services.

02.Client Support

If you wish to contact us or seek client support services, you can contact us through email. We will also acquire and keep the information that you provide, including your contact information such as your name, email account and telephone number, as well as information related to your mobile device, so that we can provide our services to you.

03.Location Information

If you wish to transmit your geographic location, we will acquire your geographic location through your mobile phone. We suggest that you first turn on the GPS function in your mobile phone.

04.Payment Information

If you choose to purchase or use paid services and choose to make payment in any manner other than iTunes or Google Play that is integrated in the APP, we may collect your credit card information.

05.Promotional Information

If you participate in any event or survey organized by TIME 2020 from time to time, we will ask you to provide relevant and required information (such as: name, mobile phone, date of birth, etc.) for the purpose of administration and verification about your qualification.

06.Calendar Information

The TIME2020 Calendar will acquire information about your schedule. If you include friends in your schedule, your friends will also acquire information about your schedule.

07.Information provided to suppliers

TIME2020 will not provide your information to suppliers without your consent, other than pursuant to legal requirement (such as provision as required by court), or if you allow us to do so, or when it is required to protect our rights or properties from infringement.

08.Supplier module

TIME2020 publishes advertisements online or in other media through supplier advertising agencies. In order to evaluate the effect of advertising to confirm the amount payable to the advertising agencies, we will upload the supplier module to the APP in order to help us learn about the use of services.

09.Cookies or other similar technologies

We will use Cookies or other similar technologies. If you clean up Cookies or restrict the functioning of Cookies, you may not be able to use part or all of the functions, which will have an impact on your overall user experience.

10.Rules about minors

(01) TIME2020 APP services are targeted towards the general public, excluding any children below the age of 12 (“children”). We understand the special requirements needed to protect children’s privacy online and will not willfully collect any personal information on children.

However, if you believe that we have collected any personal information on children, please contact us. If we are aware that any personal information of children has been collected inadvertently, we will freeze the relevant account and will undertake reasonable measures to delete such personal information from our records.

(02) If you are between the age of 12 and 20 (or if you are a minor as defined by your jurisdiction), your parent or guardian (on behalf of him/herself and as your representative) must agree to these Terms and Conditions before you can use our services.

(III) Amendment to personal information

If you change your personal information or if you change your mind about the level of personal information that you wish to share with us or the level of disclosure of your personal information in subsequent services, you can make such changes in the relevant variable data in the TIME2020 APP.

(IV) Change of Privacy

We may change our privacy policy at any time for any reason in order to reflect the changes to our services and to comply with applicable laws. If we make any material change to our privacy policy, we will give you notice through the services or in other manners. We encourage you to verify the details of these changes carefully. If you agree to these changes, please continue to use the services. However, if you do not agree to any change and no longer wish to use our services, you can choose to delete your account. After we issue a change notice or push a change notice through our services, if you need to continue using our services, it shall be deemed that you have accepted and agreed to the revised privacy policy.

(V) Contact mailbox:

If you have any question, opinion or concern about our privacy policy or other related policies or conduct, please contact us by email.

TIME2020 Customer Service Department

Email: time2020@csharp.com.tw

Last revised on: 21 October 2015